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Customizable Brown Stone Border Resin Clock – Personalized White Marble Texture Wall Clock, Custom Sizes (18, 24 Inch), Stylish Living Room Decor, Transparent Resin Clock

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  • Replacement/Refund If Product Received Damaged
  • Estimated Delivery Within 7-12 Days
  • Handmade
  • Materials : Resin
  • Glossy Finish, Transparent
  • Gift Packing Extra Charges

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Artistic Epoxy Wall Clock: White Marble Texture & Brown Stone – Perfect for Living Room Styling

Transform your living room with our stunning Epoxy Wall Clock. Featuring a captivating blend of White Marble Texture and Brown Stone, this resin wall clock combines artistry and functionality seamlessly. Its impressive size makes it a perfect wall clock for home, adding an elegant touch to your decor. Ideal for hotels, hospitals, and various settings, this big size wall clock elevates any space it graces. Its exquisite design captures attention and ensures you’re always on time. Discover the perfect balance of style and timekeeping with our Epoxy Wall Clock, a masterpiece suitable for any setting.

Designer Epoxy Wall Clock: Unique Brown Stone & White Marble Texture – Ideal for Master Bedrooms

Product Specification & Features

Specification & Feature Description
Size 18 Inch, 24 Inch Customizable (Contact for Assistance)
Type Analog
Second-Hand Movement Silent
Hanging Method Easy To Hang with Inbuilt Hooks
Materials Used Acrylic, Epoxy Resin, MDF, Made-up Marble Effect
Packaging Safe and Attractive Packaging
Shape Round (Customized & Personalized)
Weight Approximately 2 Pound
Style & Theme White & Brown Marble Texture Effect Design
Color White and Brown
Delivery Time 5-7 Days
Customer Support Contact Number: 6376029476
Brand Classy Artz

New Pattern Epoxy Wall Clock: Brown Stone & White Marble – Elevate Your Dining Room Decor

Use Cases & Placements

This Wall Clock Can Be Used At These Places 

Use Cases

Use Cases Description
Wedding A timeless gift for newlyweds to adorn their home together.
Anniversary Celebrate years of love with a decorative and functional gift.
Housewarming Welcome friends or family to their new home with style.
Graduation Commemorate educational achievements with an elegant present.
Birthday Surprise loved ones with a unique and artistic timepiece.
Retirement Mark the transition to leisure with a beautiful clock.
Corporate Events Present a sophisticated gift to commemorate milestones.
Valentine’s Day Express love and affection with a romantic timekeeping gift.
Mother’s Day Show appreciation to Mom with a decorative wall clock.
Father’s Day Honor Dad with a functional and eye-catching present.
Christmas Spread holiday cheer with a festive and decorative clock.
New Year’s Start the year anew with a stylish timekeeping gift.
Graduation Commemorate educational achievements with an elegant present.



Placements Description
Living Room Make it a focal point of your living space.
Bedroom Enhance your bedroom’s ambiance.
Dining Room Complement your dining area’s style.
Kitchen Combine functionality with aesthetics in the kitchen.
Study Room Create a conducive study environment.
Hallway Add character to your hallway decor.


Big Size Epoxy Wall Clock: Brown Stone & White Marble – A Statement Piece for Large Walls

Packaging & Dispatching

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the packaging process:-

  • Three-Layer Bubble Wrap: The frame is carefully wrapped with three layers of high-quality bubble wrap. This multi-layered cushioning acts as a shock-absorbent barrier, shielding the frame from impacts and vibrations.
  • Custom-Fit Carton: After the bubble wrap cocooning, the frame is placed snugly inside a custom-fit carton. This carton is designed to prevent any movement or shifting during transit, ensuring the frame stays securely in place.
  • Fragile Labeling: The package is prominently labeled as “Fragile” to alert the courier and handling personnel to exercise extra care.
  • Outer Packaging:  The outer packaging is sturdy and designed to withstand external pressures. It is crafted not only for protection but also to maintain the aesthetic appeal of the product.